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Comin up...

2008-09-05 22:31:13 by MeisterHarrich /168994

A new song, that ive made with some friends of mine...
just listen and tell me if u like it =)

Believe me... a rogue could escape from a wow-europe realm and was sighted in rl.
If u can give any further information contact: 1-900-mix-a-lot

Evil rogue... he will get u


2008-08-07 20:35:40 by MeisterHarrich

Im bored.... just leave a comment or something.


2008-06-27 08:43:50 by MeisterHarrich

R u a wow-gosu?
Than u have to beat ME!

Just a random question, i just want to know if u actually know my homecountry, and if yes: tell me something bout it (what u like, dont like...)